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The MECS    Best Practices Webinars will present sulfuric acid industry best practices focused on a wide range topics tailored to the Fertilizer, Mining, and Regeneration producers.

MECS WEBINAR LOGO - white-35.png

The MECS    Best Practices Webinars will present sulfuric acid industry best practices focused on a wide range of topics

tailored to Fertilizer, Mining,

and Regeneration producers.


Each month MECS   sulfuric acid

experts will take a deep dive into selected topics that are crucial

to operating and maintaining a world-class sulfuric acid plant.


These topics range from plant operational troubleshooting, preventing Hydrogen explosions, to optimizing

the converter system.

Please join us for this informational and educational series that will allow you to learn more about the sulfuric acid process and key activities that you can use to improve the operation of your plant.


Best Practices for Operation and Maintenance of Storage Tanks

EXPERT: Walter Weiss

A discussion on tank vent controls and collecting gases from sulfur and sulfuric acid tank vents to prevent noxious gas release (and, in some cases, oxygen ingress). Discussion topics include sulfur pit/tank vent pit containment and scrubbing, proper air flow through sulfur pits, fresh acid storage tank vent containment, potential ingress air drying, and spent acid storage tank inert gas blanketing and venting. Vapor scrubbing, combustion and adsorbent options will also be explained. 

Advances in Spraying Technology by Spraying Systems

EXPERT: Chuck Munro

This month, we will provide an introduction to spray nozzles. We will detail the benefits of operation and maintenance of CBA spray nozzles compared to traditional BA spray nozzles for sulfur service. Two-fluid sprays for spent acid applications will also be presented.

Operation and Maintenance for HRS

EXPERT: Tim Loete and Bruce Garrett

This month, we will provide an in-depth look at best practices for operation of MECS® Heat Recovery Systems. Critical operating parameters will be presented, safeguards for maximizing equipment life will be explained, and indicators for early detection of some issues seen in operating plants will be shared.

Reduce Acid Plant Emissions With New MECS Catalysts

EXPERT: Carmo Pereira

Catalyst type and loading in each pass determine converter performance, and converter performance determines acid production and plant emissions. New MECS catalysts are now available to further increase acid production and/or to reduce emissions at your plant. Join us for an informative discussion about catalyst type and loading, and discover and learn more about select plants that have benefited from these new MECS catalysts.

Weak Acid Management

EXPERT: Rick Ullrich

Join our experts for this discussion around the costs associated with traditional effluent disposal and how to reduce your expenses in this area. We’ll cover methods to minimize SO3 input into the system and how to recycle the liquid. Discover more about weak acid effluent management in spent acid regeneration and metallurgical plants.

Best Practices for Operation and Maintenance of Gas Cleaning Systems

In this month’s webinar, we will review gas cleaning system fundamentals and the evolution of gas cleaning system processes over the years. We will also go in depth on the benefits of our proprietary DynaWave® technology along with troubleshooting techniques of common challenges and detailing the focal points for successful operation and maintenance.

EXPERT: Chris Brown

Hydrogen Mitigation

An electrochemical reaction occurs when sulfuric acid is in the presence of iron, resulting in the release of hydrogen. As strong acid systems are composed primarily of various steels, iron is a necessity for making sulfuric acid. Hydrogen generation and ignition in sulfuric acid plants may be a well-discussed topic, but it is advisable to keep it in front of experienced plant operators as well as fresh faces. This presentation will discuss how advances in process technology impact hydrogen generation and what steps can be taken to reduce hydrogen generation and prevent hydrogen ignition.

EXPERT: Walter Weiss

Mist Eliminators

Ensure your plant is protecting process-critical equipment and meeting acid mist emission limits through this in-depth discussion on the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of mist eliminators.

EXPERT: Evan Uchaker

Operation and Maintenance of Waste Heat Boilers and Steam Systems

Our focus this month will be on best practices for operation and maintenance of waste heat boilers and steam systems in sulfur-burning, metallurgical, and SAR plants. We will discuss critical design features, process controls and troubleshooting tricks and tips, as well as provide an overview of routine maintenance practices that will help maximize equipment life. We will also share lessons learned from our many years of experience.

EXPERT: Tim Loete

Ask the Experts

Our team of experts will answer your questions. What is a nagging concern you have in your plant? What part of your acid plant would you like to understand better? We would love to hear from you, and will answer as many questions as we can during our December webinar.

EXPERTS: Rick Ullrich & Walter Weiss

Acid Plant Operational Analysis

Our focus this month will be on best practices for operation and maintenance of acid towers in sulfur-burning, metallurgical and SAR plants. We will cover key performance indicators and trends to monitor for towers, routine checks that should be conducted by operators and engineers and factors to consider when troubleshooting.

EXPERT: Luis Chu

Converter System Operation and Heat-Up

Our focus this month is converter bed temperatures and heat exchanger control in sulfur-burning, metallurgical and SAR plants. We’ll cover wet and dry blows, converter bed differential temperatures, vent gas containment and SO3 plume. We’ll also discuss transitioning to RUN mode, as well as controlling bed temperatures until stable operation is reached.

EXPERT: Walter Weiss

Brink® Mist Eliminators in Chlor-Alkali (Chlorine) Production

This webinar will discuss the importance of Brink® mist eliminators in chlor-alkali (chlorine) production for the collection of sub-micron mist and soluble salts in the wet and dry trains of the process. Brink® mist eliminators have been used in the global chlor-alkali market for over 60 years, as well as in a variety of other industrial applications.

EXPERTS: Dan Claxton & Doug Azwell

Turnaround Planning

A well-run acid plant has a long-term Maintenance Capital Plan that identifies when large replacement unit operations may be needed. We will discuss this, along with what to look at EVERY year, how to do that and what to document.

EXPERT: Rick Ullrich

Debottlenecking Plants

Fundamental concepts and practical solutions for getting more production capacity out of your plant. Topics will include how to approach debottlenecking from concept to study and finally to execution. Two case studies will be presented: 1) Processing more spent acid or sulfur-bearing feeds through oxygen enrichment and 2) Stagewise debottlenecking a sulfur-burning acid plant to gain more production and by-product energy.

EXPERT: Bruce Garrett

Tail Gas Scrubbers and Emissions Control in Sulfuric Acid Plants

An overview of tail gas scrubbing in sulfuric acid plant applications, to include a review of operating principles for the DynaWave® scrubber. Operational and maintenance topics will also be discussed to help optimize DynaWave® scrubber operation and reliability.

EXPERT: Sara Safariyeganeh

Anodically Protected Acid Cooler Operation and Maintenance

An overview of anodically protected (AP) acid cooler operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Topics covered will include basic theory behind AP and how it works, the components that make up the AP system and the role each part plays, operating parameters, system alarms and interlocks, how to check and maintain the electrical and mechanical components, and damaged versus acceptable components. Proper cleaning, assembly and installation methods will also be discussed.

EXPERT: Justin Hughes

Critical Instrument Selection, Operation and Control Design

A back-to-basics review of the critical instrumentation specified in MECS® acid plant designs, including instrument operating principles and recommended control and interlock strategies. Topics covered will include the selection, theories of operation, installation considerations and control strategies of acid concentration analyzers and process gas analyzers.

EXPERT: Nick Mazza

MECS® Heat Recovery Systems

Learn more about the fundamentals of heat recovery in a conventional sulfuric acid plant and how MECS® Heat Recovery Systems build upon and optimize standard heat recovery. Discussion will include OPEX benefits, key operating parameters, revamp opportunities, and an opportunity to interface with subject matter experts on the particulars of MECS® Heat Recovery Systems.

EXPERT: Luis Lazalde

Furnace - Best Practices for Operation & Maintenance

A detailed review of furnace chemistry, design, operating parameters, maintenance best practices and control strategies.

EXPERT: Walter Weiss

Acid Plant Start-up

A discussion of best practices and key guidelines for a successful sulfuric acid plant

start-up, including a case study review.

EXPERT: Tim Loete

NOx & Niter in Sulfuric Acid Plant Operations

An exploration into the mystery behind NOx formation and behavior within a sulfuric acid; learn best practices for mitigation and control.

EXPERT: Rick Ullrich

Sulfuric Acid Process Overview

A walk through a sulfuric acid plant flow scheme using screen pictures from the standard OTS (Operator Training Simulator) to highlight the key process points as well as the operating objectives. 

EXPERT: Joe Faust

Gas Cleaning Systems

EXPERT: Walter Weiss

This presentation will cover operation and maintenance of DynaWave® reverse jet gas cleaning systems and traditional gas cleaning systems utilizing humidifying towers,

lead-lined gas cooling towers and wet electrostatic precipitators.

Converter System

Explore best practices relating to converter types, screening practices, catalyst selection, temperature optimization, maintenance inspections and troubleshooting.

EXPERTS: Bruce Garrett & Jeremy Schneider

Hydrogen Formation and Dangers

Understanding the formation of hydrogen in a sulfuric acid plant, mitigation techniques

and how to reduce the potential for explosions. 

EXPERT: Jim Dougherty

Strong Acid System

A detailed review of design, operating parameters and maintenance best practices for strong acid towers, distributors, pumptanks and piping systems.

EXPERT: Walter Weiss

Acid Plant Operational Analysis

A summary of best practices, tips and techniques for monitoring and analyzing the operation of your sulfuric acid plant in order to achieve and maintain optimal performance.

EXPERT: Luis Chu

Mist Eliminators

Ensure your plant is protecting process-critical equipment and meeting acid mist emission limits through this in-depth discussion on the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of mist eliminators.

EXPERT: Doug Azwell